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What a real estate attorney brings to the sale

Your goal is to sell your home for the most profit possible with the least hassle necessary--and zero liabilities or complications after the sale. With that in mind, your attorney will either personally perform or make sure the following procedures are completed in a timely, professional manner:

  • Inform you of your legal rights and obligations

  • Review the contract, ensuring all provisions and contingencies are in your best interest

  • Obtain a title search, evaluate the status of the title to your home and pursue appropriate legal remedies to clear any title defects

  • Advise you on what your title insurance policy does and does not protect against, emphasizing marketability of the title when you sell

  • Prepare or review the closing statement and other closing documents, and let you know about buyer contingencies that affect your interests

  • Interpret and counsel you about all legal documents related to the title and transaction, including deeds, mortgages and closing statements

  • Prepare a bill of sale to cover any personal property, such as curtains and appliances, that you and the buyer agree shall remain in the home

  • Inform you about the tax consequences of your home's sale.

  • To find a Central Florida area real estate attorney in your area, click here.

Selling your home can bring problems if you're not protecting yourself. Having an attorney on your side can help make sure your best interests are faithfully upheld. And one of the greatest benefits of using an attorney is that he or she has a legal and ethical obligation to work in your best interest. The earlier in the process you involve your attorney (e.g., pre-contract signing), the more value you gain from him or her -- and you won't pay more as long as he or she issues your title policy.

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